How to Get a Flat Belly in 7 Days

Getting a flat belly in seven days requires dedication to exercise and observing what you eat and drink. But you will see results if you’re committed to eating a healthy diet and working out every day. To get a flat stomach in seven days, an intense series of physical activities and fat-blasting exercises are required.

Step 1

Do crunches several times a week. Performing about 10 crunches per hour is a good way to keep the muscles in your belly tight. However, to lose maximum fat in your belly do 20 crunches every hour of the day instead. This will increase the size of the muscles in your stomach which will give it a flatter appearance once you have lost the fat in your stomach.

Step 2

try to run at least a mile per dayRun at least one mile per day. This is an intensive cardiovascular workout that will burn the most fat in your body. If you are unable to run a full mile non-stop, run as far as you can and then walk for a few moments while you catch your breath. When you are ready, continue running. This will not burn as much fat as if you were running non-stop, so push yourself as hard as you can. If you feel up to it, run one mile in intervals several times during the day. When you are finished running, consume a lot of water to replenish your fluids and then continue your crunches. If you are up to it, do jackknife sit-ups as well which will tighten your stomach muscles even more. You can perform a jack-knife sit-up by laying flat on your back and raising your arms and legs into the air simultaneously, being sure that your back is arched and shoulders are off the ground.

Step 3

snack on small portions of raw vegetablesEat small amounts of protein. You should not eat any meal that is heavier in fat during the course of this week. Eggs are great sources of healthy workout proteins, so consuming eggs before or after your workout can greatly benefit you. You can also purchase some protein shake-mix at a local fitness store. This mix can be blended with fruit and will give you a maximum amount of workout proteins. Keep your metabolism working consistently by eating five small snacks per day rather than three large meals. Eat small portions of raw vegetables or whole-wheat crackers as well as protein-rich granola bars. You can also eat one hard-boiled egg which will fill you up and provide you with healthy protein.

Step 4

be sure to drink enough waterDrink plenty of water. Avoid sodas and juice. Unless it is a protein shake that you are drinking, drink water only. Water flushes your system, keeping it in top condition for your intense workouts. Water will also help you keep hydrated before and after running.

Step 5

include sit-ups as part of your workout planWork on doing as many sit-ups as possible. Pick a time during every hour where you can do a series of sit-ups quickly and then have a short rest. Crunches will tighten the smallest amount of muscles in your stomach, but they will take less effort. Sit-ups might hurt your back, but will tighten many more muscles in your stomach. Jack-knife sit ups are probably the most effective for toning your stomach muscles, but they are also the most difficult. Try starting out with 10 crunches per hour on the first day, then 20 on the second. Move on to 20 sit-ups every hour. For the last three days of the week, upgrade to jack-knife sit-ups and consistently do 20 of them every hour. This will be challenging, but stomach and abdominal exercises are instrumental to flattening your belly.

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