15 Minutes of Walking Can Make All the Difference

Walking is definitely the most basic and simplest type of exercise. Even though most of us do not appreciate it enough, a French study suggests that people should reconsider their views on walking and all the benefits that come from it.

What Are the Benefits?

The results are simply amazing. During the study that lasted for 12 years, the mortality rate of adults over 64 years had been reduced by 22%. A 15-minute walk a day provided these incredible results.

What is more, when the activity level was higher, the mortality rate decrease was even higher. The experts stated that age is not an excuse for being no physically active.

It is well known that the importance of exercise can’t be replaced by any medications.

There Is Something That Shouldn’t Come As Surprise

It is scientifically showed that walking has an astonishing effect on our health. Even though many of us do not consider walking as aerobic exercise, taking it for granted, walking, in fact, is an aerobic exercise.

The pace of walking determines the rate of aerobic activity. During exercising, nutrients are creating a proper way to support the exercising.

When you increase the circulatory, cardiovascular, and respiratory operations, your energy is being used and not stored in the body. It is well-known that a sedentary lifestyle can cause diseases.

Regular lack of exercise is also known as “Sedentary Death Syndrome”. This is definitely a huge public issue because it is the main cause of different chronic diseases.

A Walk of Life

A 2016 study conducted on obese children showed that increasing the amount of walking can increase the lung capacity in these children in 6 weeks.

Moreover, you can improve your overall physical condition and increase the fitness level by increasing the walking pace and combining it with slow walks. However, walking provides many other positive effects.

It has a huge impact on the mental health of an individual. Walking outdoors, especially in nature, can improve your mood, reduce stress levels, and prevent depression.

The exposure to sunshine supplies our body with an adequate amount of vitamin D. However, today, there are many people that have deficiency from this vitamin.

Hence, this is another reason why we should be walking outside. However, a study showed that walking in nature or walking in front of a blank wall can provide almost the same positive effects.

Take a Walk in a Park

The more you exercise, the more you reduce your risk of injuries! Exercising has positive effects on the body.

It increases blood supply, strengthens bone and connective tissue, and improves nutrient supply. Because of this, many experts recommend walking.

Walking is even promoted and supported by the World Health Associations. It is believed that walking can prevent hypertension, lower cholesterol levels, prevent diabetes, and prevent strokes.

You should have at least half an hour of moderate physical activity a day, so you can experience its protective benefits. As an exercise, walking doesn’t have to be done in one go.

You can obtain the same results even if you do divided walks during the day or if you have a continuous 30-minute walk. The benefits of walking do not stop here! Walking can be very beneficial for those having trouble falling asleep.

It is scientifically shown that doing moderate exercising on a daily basis can improve the way people fall asleep and increase the length of the sleep. This is particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders.

To Summarize

Considering the results of various studies which examined the effects of walking, there is no doubt that walking has a huge influence on our overall health.

A great number of studies showed that walking can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 30%. It can reduce mortality rates and prevent different health issues and diseases.

Everyone has 15 minutes a day! Everyone can walk! So, there are no excuses! Just follow the instructions coming from your body. You will know when to increase and decrease the level of exercise.

Just take a pair of good shoes and go to the park! It takes only 15 minutes a day to make a difference!

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